Szymon Goldberg

Szymon Goldberg

The legendary musician and music philosopher of the 20th century.

Music is not only pleasurable,but has undeniable values.When one suffers most from the harshness of reality,facing the dangers of life itself,it is something we cannot live without as humans. - Szymon Goldberg

Szymon Goldberg at age 84, passed away in a hotel at Tateyama Mountains in 1993. 
Until then, he remained an active violinist and conductor.

“Goldberg’s technique originated in the true tradition of classical music, 
and his performances handed down the essence of European culture and history”,
said his late spouse the pianist Miyoko Yamane, 
and made it her mission to pass on the quintessence of his music to new generations.

This homepage carries Miyoko’s hopes -- passing on the message of Goldberg,
his way of life and music.

( Translation by Melissa Gore )